As much as our staff loves taking care of our customers when they are in our showroom and test driving with us, we know that people simply want to spend the least amount of time at the dealership as possible. This is especially true when it comes to paperwork and the financing process overall. Luckily with Young Honda, we're committed to making the buying process as effortless as possible. Not only that, but we've recently been optimizing our services so that you can do much of it from the comfort of your own home. 

Here are just a few tips of ours that can help reduce your time in the dealership even further. 


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Set an appointment

This gives the salesperson time to schedule out their day and fit you in accordingly. We never want you waiting on service, if possible. Not only that, but we can have all vehicles that you may be interested in cleaned, sanitized, and ready to test drive. Let us know what your favorite beverage is too, and we'll do our best to have one ready in the cupholder. 

Bring some snacks

Once you get the munchies, time seems to go by extremely slow. Having drinks or little snacks will put your mind at ease instead of having you constantly staring at the clock looking forward to food. This is especially helpful if you have children you are bringing along. 

Come Prepared

Bring in the important documents and information! Have your driver's license, paystubs, work information, insurance info, and have some references too. It is also important to do a little research on the vehicles you think you are interested in as well. There are always new features being included in vehicles when they're released, so know which ones are important for your dream car, truck or SUV.

Get a babysitter

Kids are great and we even have a  play area for them, but not having to entertain Jimmy or Sally makes the process go a lot smoother. In our experience, it also makes the process much less stressful for parents. While we love car dealerships, spending any amount of time in one can be a drag for little ones.

Although these are meant to help your experience go smoothly and quicker, try and not plan super important events on the day you want to visit. Trying to rush your car buying experience is never a good suggestion, but we do want to make it go as efficient as possible. 
Oil Change Discount Card Available

When you come in for an oil change, ask us about our oil change discount cards.

Battery Special

With any purchase of a battery, receive a complimentary anti corrosion battery service!