Honda has long been known for producing safe and dependable vehicles. Passenger safety is another key focus. However, don't overlook the performance capabilities of a Honda-built vehicle. This storied automaker has 70 years of experience in the racing world. Several fun-to-drive vehicles have been released over the years. Let's take a look at some of the current Honda performance models.

Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R has become one of the hottest performance cars on the market. It's the ultimate model for serious driving enthusiasts. Under the hood sits a VTEC turbocharged engine. It's rated to crank out a thrilling 306-horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual transmission gives you complete control. With a 0-60 mph time of 5.4 seconds, this racy hatchback is quick enough to trigger an instant adrenaline rush.


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Not only is the Honda Civic Type R fast, but it also ranks among the best-handling cars in the class. A lightweight frame and purpose-built suspension enable you to dominate twisty roads. While the Civic Type R is comfortable and efficient enough to drive daily, it comes ready to compete at the track. Its rear wing spoiler isn't just for show. Honda engineered it to create extra down force, thus enabling the car to travel faster through corners.

Honda Civic Si

If you desire a bit more practicality, check out the Civic Si. It's nearly just as much fun as the Civic Type R. Motivation comes from a turbocharged VTEC engine with 205 horsepower. It's infused with legendary Honda Performance technology. You'll love shifting gears with the Civic Si's slick manual gearbox. When it comes time to perform, the Civic Si will not disappoint. Expect it to dash to 60 mph in a competitive 6.5 seconds. This especially quick acceleration for a car that's so efficient. A reputation for being reliable makes the Civic Si even more rewarding.

After visiting Honda Utah to test drive the Civic Si, you'll see why it has received so many great reviews. No other car in the class offers more driving fun. Activating the Sport mode allows you to experience maximum responsiveness. An adaptive damper suspension ensures tight handling without sacrificing any ride comfort. Great body control enables drivers to approach curves with confidence. To prevent the front tires from losing grip, Honda equips the Civic Si with a limited-slip differential.

Honda Fit

The Honda Fit proves you can still have fun on a budget. This compact hatchback is a true performance value. Its quick-revving i-VTEC engine pushes out an entertaining 130 horsepower. Because of the Fit's lightweight design, it feels just as quick as vehicles with a more powerful engine. While an automatic transmission is offered, many drivers prefer the sportiness of the Fit's six-speed manual transmission.

A nimble chassis makes the Honda Fit especially easy to maneuver. It takes corners like a genuine sports car. If you really want to dial up the excitement, check out the Fit Sport. Honda equips it with front, side and rear underbody spoilers. Upgraded 16-inch tires also help improve handling.

As you can see, performance is a big point of emphasis. Remember, this is just a small list of the vehicles you'll find at Honda Utah. From the Honda Accord sedan to the Honda Ridgeline pickup, there are plenty of exciting models to choose from.
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