If you're looking for a Box Elder County Honda dealer then you're in luck. Young Honda is a great choice-the best choice-and is only a 30-minute drive away! Not only do they have convenient hours, but they are more than willing to help their customers get into the perfect vehicle at an affordable price. This dealership has many great things going for it and those things can be available to you as a customer! If you're interested in learning more, then keep on reading because you'll be able to see everything that they have to offer!

Location, Service Area, and General Info

Young Honda is the nearest Honda Dealer near Brigham City, Utah. Located in Logan, they primarily service people in Box Elder and Cache Counties, but they also have customers from Ogden and Layton. In fact, they have people come from all over the state of Utah to check out what kind of Honda vehicles they have in stock. 

In addition, they have very flexible hours and are open every day except Sunday. This means that you won't have to rush over after work because you are afraid they'll close before you get there. It's also very convenient that they have phone numbers that are for specific for different areas, such as customer service and the service center.

Another great thing about Young Honda is that they offer many flexible and convenient financing options, such as a car loan or lease. If you aren't sure which type of payment plan is best for you, Young has financial advisers that are available to walk you through the different financing options and give you advice based on your financial status. They are there to help take out some of the stress and frustration that go along with financing. They are more than willing to take the time and effort to get those with either no credit score or low credit scores into vehicles that will fit their lifestyle and budget. 


Not only does Young have a wide range of brand-new Honda vehicles, but they also have a pretty impressive inventory of used ones as well. With that being said, you can be sure that Young has a vehicle for everyone, regardless of budget or preferences. Keep in mind, with new vehicles coming out all the time and people trading in constantly, the inventory will change quite a bit. That means if you see a car that you absolutely love, don't wait to get it because there's a chance that it won't be there when you go back. 

When looking at the new vehicle inventory, these are cars that are right out of the factory. They have zero miles and everything is brand new. 

As for used vehicles, these are ones that have been traded in but anything that was wrong with it has been fixed. This helps ensure that it's safe to have on the road and you won't have any issues as soon as you drive it away. 

Vehicle Purchasing
Looking to sell your vehicle? You can do that at Young! Not only will they buy your vehicle, but they will let you either take that money or use it as a down payment on another vehicle. Depending on how much you get, you could use that money to completely pay off a used vehicle! There is an easy to access tool to get an idea of what your trade is worth. Or just drop by and get a quick appraisal.  This service is free and can be done before you decide to head to the dealership. All you do is fill in the important information and it will give you a number. This number will be good for 10 days. One thing to keep in mind, though, is this number could be dependent on additional information about your vehicle

Service Center

If you need to get your vehicle looked at, Young has a full service center. All the technicians who work at these centers are experienced and professional. They would be happy to help you with any maintenance or issues you have. One thing you should do is make sure you look online because sometimes they have coupons or sales available for maintenance and other services. 

Most of the time, if the car you're bringing in was purchased at one of their locations, they will fix it for free (if it's under warranty) or at a discount. Young Honda is able to do maintenance on nearly any vehicle make. The best thing to do if you're from Brigham City is to give the service center a call. Anything can be done from tires to oil changes.  

Vehicle Parts

If you're looking for high quality vehicle parts and accessories, then Young Honda is a great choice as well. While they only sell products made from the best materials, there are multiple options that will fit into any budget. This is possible because some brands are less expensive than others and they try to offer products from several different brands. This is also a benefit because some people will only use products that are produced by certain companies and having multiple brands makes it more likely that they will have something for everyone and not risk losing any business by not having certain brands on hand.

The great thing is that not only do they have a lot of parts on hand, but they can also order them for you. This is especially helpful if you're looking for a part that's hard to get or is rare. They have a huge network of not only other auto places, but also manufacturers of auto parts. Being able to have access to such a large number of sources means that they can often get parts for a great price.

Sales Staff
Not only are the sales staff extremely experienced, but they are also caring and compassionate. They see their customers as more than just numbers and they want to make sure they get you in the dream car you want. While they might try to upsell some items to you, if you say no, they pretty much stop and don't bring it up again. They understand that customers don't always want additional things and that they often get aggravated by sales people who continuously try to push these things on them. They are more concerned with you and your happiness than getting a sale.

They will sit down with you and listen to what you want. They will take notes and then show you the vehicles that they think will fit what you have in mind. If they can't find something that you are interested in, they will take your information and keep their eyes open. If something comes in that meets the features that you want, they will give you a call and have you come in to see if it's a vehicle that fits your needs. 

The sales staff understands that Brigham City and Logan don't have the wide selection of car dealerships as cities like Ogden and Salt Lake City. This is part of the reason their staff strives to be the one worth driving to from Brigham City or even Idaho! 

Online Scheduling

You can also set up appoints to get services done to your vehicle. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to just enter your information and let them know what you need done. They will set an appointment and have whatever technician is available do the service. The other way is to pick a specific technician and then you'll get an appointment based on what the service is and when they're available. 

On the website, they have a specific area that you can click and do a quick search for recalls. This is there to help owners make sure that they're driving safe cars and that there isn't anything any serious known issue with the vehicle. Being able to look it up online is not only convenient but it's extremely easy. If you don't want to look online, you could always go into the dealership and have them look it up there or see if they've gotten any notifications for recalls on specific vehicles. Either way, you'll know whether or not there's a complication or issue that's going on with Honda vehicles.

If you do decide to do it online, it will take you to the Honda website. Once there, you can either look up recalls based on your VIN number or the year and model of your vehicle. After it gives you the recalls that are going on with your specific vehicle, the next thing you'll do is enter your zip code. Doing this will give you a list of places that will fix your vehicle. Most of the time, these fixes are done for free because it isn't something that happens as a result of the owner.

Reports for Car History
Being able to know exactly what kind of history your vehicle has is something that many car buyers want to know. Not only is this information important for safety reasons, but some people just don't feel comfortable putting their families in a vehicle that has had things happen in the past. If you ask for the car history, Young will have no problem giving it to you. Once you see it, if you aren't comfortable with that vehicle, you can choose to try a different vehicle that you're more comfortable with.

When looking at the car history report, there are a few things that it will show you. For starters, it will show any accidents the car was in. This includes everything from a simple fender bender to a serious collision, Next, it will show you all of the maintenance and fixes that have been done to the vehicle. This includes things such as: oil changes, rebuilt engines, and muffler installations. Finally, the report will show other events that the car was involved in. For example, it will show things like if it was in a garage that caught fire or an area that had a lot of flooding.

Customer Service
The customer service representatives are extremely caring and passionate about their jobs. They have no problems helping you and they will do everything in their power to answer any questions or concerns you have. They are highly trained so they can give you an adequate solution as quickly as possible. If they aren't sure how to answer or address a concern, they will get a hold of someone who does. They won't just leave you hanging because they want to keep you as a customer and ensure that you've had a positive and worthwhile experience.

There are a few different ways that you can contact the customer service representatives. For starters, you could go into the dealership and talk to them in person. If that's not something you can do, you could try calling the customer service number and talking with them on the phone. Finally, you could do a live chat session right from the website. Keep in mind, calling or live chatting might mean that it takes a little longer to get an answer to your issue but all three of these methods will get you an answer at some point.

Test Drives
Young Honda takes test driving very seriously. Other dealerships will only let you test drive a few cars before they get annoyed and not let you test any others. At Young Honda, though, they will let you test drive as many vehicles as it takes to find the perfect one for you. They won't rush you and they will let you decide on your own. They also won't get upset and try to get you to buy a car that you don't want just because they don't want to deal with you. That means you can test drive 1 or 6 cars if that's what you need to make a decision. If you're looking to test drive some vehicles and not have to worry about rude or pushy sales people, then Young Honda is the perfect option for you! They also won't be upset if you decide not to purchase a vehicle that day.

This is the best Honda Dealer Brigham Utah has to offer. They care about their customers and they want to make sure you are happy! If that's the kind of dealership you want to do business with, then you've found the right one! If the wide range of vehicles and full-service service center doesn't have you convinced, then the knowledgeable and friendly sales staff will! Visit and take your dream vehicle out for a test drive today!

If you are located in the zip code 84302 or happen to be anywhere near Brigham City, Utah and in the market for a new or used Honda, Young Honda should be at the top of your list of dealerships to visit. They have cars for sale that will match any needs of the Box Elder County commuter. 

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