A Stylish Commuter
2018 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic, America’s number one economy car is known for its reliability and impressive gas mileage. Up until recently it has been purchased solely for the above mentioned reasons. However, with the most recent body change, the civic has transformed from a basic economy car into an impressive and stylish commuter car that is enjoyable to drive. With the re-vamped 1.5L Turbo engine, both gas mileage and horse power go up giving you that real power as you press your foot down on the gas. 

Not only is the engine that much better, but the looks have very much improved. Sport styling is seen all the way around the car, from the wheels to the exhaust to the aggressive front end. Adding to the car’s sportiness is the all new hatchback. The car can be purchased fully loaded with LED head lights and an amazing sound system, but even the midgrade models come standard with high quality technology including Apple Car Play and Android Auto. This technology leaves the interior very simplistic and sleek because of the center touchscreen that audio and setting are controlled by. All these upgrades combined make the Honda Civic a worthwhile choice for a large variety of buyers. Make this vehicle a priority to see and add to your car family.

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