Technology has become an integral part of daily activities, including driving. Thanks to innovative advances, new sedan models are coming equipped with features nobody would have dreamed of even a few years ago. From connectivity options to advances in safety, car manufacturers are bringing more unique tech toys to drivers than ever before. Regardless of how tech-savvy you are, these six features of modern sedans can transform even the simplest outing into an interactive experience with superior safety and a touch of luxury. 
Infotainment Vehicle 
Infotainment systems have been around for several years, and the concept is growing in popularity. It’s no longer enough to have a CD player and a dash-mounted GPS. Today’s sedans are coming with touch screens built into the consoles, granting access to every type of entertainment you could want. Many cars now integrate: 
• Radio and streaming radio services 
• Apple and Android vehicle apps 
Bluetooth connectivity 
• Wi-Fi signals 
• Navigation systems 
• TV tuners 
 As this technology becomes more sophisticated manufacturers are developing their own platforms, such as Uconnect from Chrysler. Screens in some models act as extensions of your smartphone’s interface so that you never have to be without the perpetual connectivity to which you’re accustomed. Now you can make calls, access your music library, use apps and more while driving and carry all the data you rely on from home to work to vacation destinations and back again. 
 Voice Activation 
Keeping your eyes on the road is the most critical aspect of safe driving, and today’s sedans have technology designed to ensure you never have to look away from what’s going on around you. Cars now include systems designed to respond to voice commands, allowing you to do everything from change the radio station to map a new destination simply by talking. When integrated with an infotainment system this feature can make your vehicle feel like a futuristic pod in which you have total control. On a more practical level, it lets you stay focused on driving no matter what distractions come your way. 
 Cameras and Video 
High-end models from manufacturers like Cadillac are introducing a range of new tech options made to help you keep better track of what’s happening around the vehicle as you drive. For example, some models now include an LED rearview mirror instead of “old-school” reflective glass. This allows you to see out the back window without obstruction, even if your kids are busy flailing around and throwing juice boxes at each other. 
 Backup cameras have moved beyond trucks and SUVs to start becoming standard on smaller cars, and are being combined with rear cross-traffic alert systems for added safety. Now you can see everything behind the vehicle without craning your neck and have peace of mind knowing an alarm will sound if you manage to miss a car going by while you back up. 
 Automated Parking 
Did you forget how to parallel park the moment you passed your driving test? Now you don’t have to worry about it. Instead of circling around the block six times until someone drives away and gives you enough space to pull in without cranking your head around fiddling with and turning the steering wheel in all directions, you can invest in a car with an automatic parking system. Using a combination of sensors and smart steering, these vehicles can slide your car between two other vehicles without any effort on your part. Parking assistance was first introduced in some hybrid Prius models and has since expanded across manufacturers. Companies like Bosch are working on solutions to allow drivers to park cars using a smartphone app, making it possible to get into tight spaces without being behind the wheel at all. 
 Tailored Seat Comfort 
If you’ve ever spent fifteen minutes struggling with levers and buttons to get comfortable in your car, new technology controlling seat adjustments may be just what you need. The latest Lincoln Continental model takes the idea of custom seating to the extreme with 30 separate adjustments, 12 controls for back support, and four headrest positions. Seats can be heated or cooled, and you can even get a massage as you drive. 
 Not all sedans are equipped with such luxurious options, but when one manufacturer creates a demand for a feature others are likely to follow. One perk many cars are beginning to add is heated rear seats so that everyone is comfortable as they ride even on the coldest days. 
 Accident Prevention 
Auto maker Volvo integrated detection technology into some of its models in prior years, and now they’re expanding beyond the idea of safe city driving by offering systems programmed to prevent collisions with animals. If you’re the type to go riding in an area where deer and moose like to hang out, this technology can prevent collisions with serious consequences for the animal and your car. Additional “Run-off Road Mitigation” technology can tell if you’re drifting off the road and get you back on track if you don’t react quickly enough. Other manufacturers offer similar features, including Nissan’s “Forward Collision Warning” system made to automatically apply the brakes if you get too close to the vehicle in front of you. Adaptive cruise control serves a similar purpose by adjusting your car’s speed to match surrounding traffic. With all these features to choose from, it takes research to sort out the technology you’ll actually use from unnecessary bells and whistles. Part of the fun of shopping for a sedan is trying out all the new electronic toys, so treat yourself to a few test drives to see the tech in action. Consider your budget, maintenance costs, warranty coverage, and safety as you shop, and go with a model outfitted with the features best suited to your lifestyle. 
 Even with so much integrated technology, sedans are still practical, reliable vehicles, and the car you choose today will serve you well in the years to come.
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