Set an appointment

This gives the salesperson time to schedule out his/her day and fit you in accordingly. If you can, visit in the mornings when it is less busy instead of the evening when lots of people are in.

Bring some snacks

Once you get munchy, time seems to go by extremely slow. Having drinks or little snacks will put your mind at ease instead of having you constantly staring at the clock looking forward to food. Dealerships will have vending machines and usually free water if you forget, but have some change. 

Come Prepared

Bring in the important things! Have your driver’s license (can’t drive without it), know your home address, work place address, and have some references. Other things that are great to have already printed out are the last two paystubs you got, as well as a proof of residency. If you are trading in your car, make sure you have the registration and your insurance card. The title (if you own the car outright) is also something to bring in.

Get a babysitter

Kids are great and there is a playroom for them, but not having to entertain Jimmy or Sally makes the process go a lot smoother. If you can’t have a babysitter, we understand bring them in and we will put on a Netflix show! 

Although these are meant to help your experience go smoothly and quicker, try and not plan super important events on the day you want to visit. Trying to rush your car buying experience is never a good suggestion, but we do want to make it go as efficient as possible. 

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